• Hotel School

    A new approach to vocational education

    Hotel School

    The Sumba Hospitality Foundation has built a self-sufficient hotel school and permaculture farm, situated on the island of Sumba. We provide vocational education for underprivileged high school graduates between the ages of 17 and 23 years old.

    Our campus is built entirely from bamboo and encompasses full boarding facilities for students and teachers, open-air classrooms, a fully equipped professional kitchen and a small eco-resort, all powered by solar energy.

    Our varied curriculum focusses not only on hospitality training, but also includes sustainable tourism, environmental awareness, permaculture farming and personal development. The students are given the opportunity to finish their one year program with an internship at a Five star hotel or restaurant.

    Besides our educational program and internship, acceptance to our school includes full boarding, meals and healthcare.

  • The Hotel

    Donate while you sleep

    The Hotel

    We have nine beautiful, bamboo guest pavilions situated on campus. The unique bamboo infrastructure and innovative design, together with the cleanliness and comfort of our rooms will give you a wonderful guest experience.

    Amenities include:
    • Breakfast with fresh ingredients from the farm
    • Solar powered air- conditioning
    • Ceiling fan
    • Outdoor bathroom
    • Organic soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion
    • King and twin-sized bed with mosquito net
    • Twice daily housekeeping service
    • Free Wi-Fi (weather permitting)
    • Airport transfer on request

    Our rooms provide a platform for our students to practise the theory they are learning in the classroom.  Our guests are an important part of our students’ progression; they provide concrete experience and enable them to learn and grow in their hospitality departments.

  • The restaurant

    Enjoy fresh organic food

    The restaurant

    Our restaurant with its monumental alang-alang roof and its traditional Sumbanese architecture is a hub for students, staff and visitors; a place where everybody joins together to eat ‘family style’.

    The kitchen includes influences from Italy, Flores, and Sumba; our recipes are diverse and full of flavour, not forgetting that as the school is growing, more and more organic ingredients are being harvested from our school farm. Our bar lounge is the favorite place for our guests to relax and enjoy fresh juices, Sumbanese coffee, cold beer and à la carte dining.

    We also offer guests the opportunity to experience dining in our restaurant or bar. Whilst breakfast is included, lunch and dinner can be organised upon request.

  • The Farm

    Changing the world with permaculture

    The Farm

    A large part of our campus is dedicated to the growth and maintenance of our sustainable, organic farm, which is continually developing based on the principles of permaculture. The produce from our farm is being served in our restaurant and in the future we aim to trade the surplus with the local community. The farm is also being used to teach our students and the local community new, organic farming methods, always with long-term sustainability in mind. Besides increasing the locals’ knowledge about responsible agriculture, we are able to provide our students with healthy, balanced meals.

  • Environment

    A model for conservation and green energy on the island


    As it states in our mission, we aim to raise the students’ awareness of their environment. We have implemented a number of strategies in order to emphasise this inside and outside of our school.

    1. We provide our students and their families with an SHF canvas bag.
    2. All staff and students use a solar lamp that they charge during the day in order to cut down on power consumption in the evening.
    3. We do regular trash walks around our local area to ensure ‘our mission’ extends further than our campus.

    The school is powered entirely by solar energy, our 288 solar panels allow us to be completely off the grid. We have installed a waste water treatment system that allows us to re-use 90% of waste water for irrigation.

  • Special Projects

    We engage in community projects

    Special Projects

    Here at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation, we believe that learning should be accessible to everybody, therefore on Monday to Friday we offer free English classes to the community. These classes are taught by our volunteers and existing students; they are fun, interactive and enjoyed by all ages. They not only provide opportunities for language acquisition, but they bridge connections with the local people around us. From 5-6pm, the campus truly comes alive with sounds of laughter, and enthusiasm filled learning.

    Our students are continuously looking for ways to channel their creativity. They do this through a number of activities.

    1. Students use locally resourced materials to create jewelry that can be found in our gift shop.
    2. We have a school choir that not only energises, but also creates further English exposure.
    3. Students participate in permaculture competitions, which allow them to take responsibility for their own harvests.

    As the school progresses, we aim to continue developing ideas for projects both on campus and within the local community.

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