Aloysius Purwa, Member of the Board of Trustees

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Aloysius Purwa, 63 years, lives and works on the island of Bali. He has been active in tourism since 1978, owning KCBJ Tours and Travel, Cempaka Belimbing Hotel and Mtrans Tourism buses. He is Chairman of ASITA Bali for 8 years and Honorary Consul for the Netherlands since 1990 and has been active in Rotary International for 25 years, becoming a District Governor for Indonesia.Additionally, Aloysius is one of the founders of Yayasan “YKIP” and is very active in helping to develop Sumba. He started projects to provide water–sanitation and basic literacy, already 7 years ago.

He is currently developing Pantai Kita Mananga Aba, with the hope that tourism will give employement and economic development to the local people.


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