Here at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation, we believe that learning should be accessible to everybody, therefore on Monday to Friday we offer free English classes to the community. These classes are taught by our volunteers and existing students; they are fun, interactive and enjoyed by all ages. They not only provide opportunities for language acquisition, but they bridge connections with the local people around us. From 5-6pm, the campus truly comes alive with sounds of laughter, and enthusiasm filled learning.

Our students are continuously looking for ways to channel their creativity. They do this through a number of activities.

  1. Students use locally resourced materials to create jewelry that can be found in our gift shop.
  2. We have a school choir that not only energises, but also creates further English exposure.
  3. Students participate in permaculture competitions, which allow them to take responsibility for their own harvests.

As the school progresses, we aim to continue developing ideas for projects both on campus and within the local community.

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