Newsletter #31

2020-2021 school year promotion

During October our SHF team visited high schools across Sumba to introduce and promote our school for the next year, school admissions with the process starting 15 December 2019. In this tour of visit, the team shared information regarding our school, including the period of admission process as well as the rationale behind the school foundation, which is to educate young underprivileged Sumbanese with proficient knowledge and skills to work in hospitality industry and raise the awareness of sustainable tourism. In order to reach more applicants, the team went directly to some very difficult and remote high schools across the island. The team also works with our contributors who willingly shared the information further as we couldn’t visit all schools. This year SHF aims to receive more applications from these isolated and unreachable areas that may not have been aware of our school. The application submission will be closed by 31 January 2020.

We are hoping the promotion will bring about positive outcomes!

Intern and volunteer changes

In the interim, adjustments have been made because some interns and volunteers had completed their wonderful work here at SHF. Within two months we had to say goodbye to some fabulous international volunteers and interns to return back to their home countries and also welcome wonderful new people to contribute and work together with us. We are beyond grateful that so many fantastic people put their interest and enthusiasm forward to be involved and support our school. It is also lovely to see more people come. So if you are interested in playing an important part in helping to provide a better education and life as well as empowering an underprivileged young generation from Sumba, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or through WA at

+62 813 74262280. See you in Sumba!!!

First excursion to Weekuri lake

On Wednesday 23rd October 2019, after lunch, our students and staff took 2 busses and 2 cars for a day out at the natural beauty of Weekuri Lake. The lake is well known for its unique topography, separated by cliffs to the ocean and views of water as clear as glass. Its short distance and easy access from Tambolaka airport (30 minutes driving) made the lake a good option to spend a short-day trip. The outing is a very long awaited event as students longed for a break from hectic weeks full of studying and doing services. There were several activities that the students got involved in including jumping into the water from a diving tower, playing water polo and some individual activities like snorkeling. They had so much fun because the water was so refreshing to play in amidst Sumba’s hot temperatures. Everyone felt so refreshed after that short but sweet break and we hope that the fun day reenergized our students and staff before getting into their routines again.

Permaculture class and its inspiration

If you come and visit SHF, you will see that our farm is an integral part of our campus area. Varieties of organic vegetables, herbs and fruits trees provide us with healthy fresh produce almost every day. In the Sumba Hotel School, Permaculture class opens the students’ perspectives into sustainable and organic farming. They learn how to deal with waste management including food waste for compost and recycled water for plants. They also learn how to make farm beds and increase the production of farm produce without using chemical elements. The methods and approach are taken seriously by the students and often shared with their families during holiday times, which educates the communities. Aside from their allocated gardening session in permaculture class, they initiatively take another leap by making their own farm beds and also take care of the trees. Students from Room one Boys particularly spend their free time planting different kinds of vegetables and helping in the farm including getting up as early as 5 am in the morning to water their farm beds. We are so proud that our students grasp the idea of sustainability from their classes and are inspired to voluntarily contribute to their community while protecting the earth.

The one and only TF1, a well known French television channel, filmed a documentary about Sumba island and included an 8 minute segment on one of our students, Victoria, and her experience at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation.
Please watch this amazing documentary!