Newsletter #8

In June we celebrated the end of our first school year at The Sumba Hospitality Foundation.  We said goodbye and good luck to our first ever body of students before sending them on their way to begin their internships at 5 star hotels and restaurants across Sumba and Bali.  Eight of our students were lucky enough to obtain internships at the world-renowned Nihiwatu Resort; they were full of optimism as they began the 2-hour drive to the picturesque and unique location.  For the students who got positions in Bali, for most of them, it was the first time they had travelled on a plane; there were some screams of excitement (and nervousness) as we took off from Tambolaka Airport! It was wonderful to see their reactions to the contrast Bali provided, from the traffic and high-rise buildings to the warm Balinese people and their traditions.  The Sumba Hospitality Foundation is unbelievably proud of the achievement of our students and we look forward to following them on their exciting journey as they evolve within the world of hospitality.  Keep track of them via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.
As we said goodbye to our students, we also said goodbye to some of our interns and volunteers.  Lara and Petra, our Restaurant and Bar interns, left to continue their studies in The Netherlands, whilst Olivier, one of our helpful volunteers, bid us farewell as he left us to go mountain biking in Java.  For our long term staff, we wished them a happy holiday; the end of term meant three weeks of relaxation, a time to recharge for the start of July when our new students start.  Some of our staff travelled back home to visit friends and family, countries including Italy, Dubai, Belgium and America, whilst some of us decided to stay in Asia to explore and discover destinations nearby.  We can all say we are refreshed and ready to begin our second year at The Sumba Hospitality Foundation!
Earlier this year, we carried out the exciting interview process for the selection of our new students, which meant June was a time of preparation.  We selected the 48 successful candidates before carrying out home visits.  This process involved teams consisting of both Sumbanese and international staff members; we visited their homes and families in order collect data via questionnaires and assess their economic situation.  This was a very special experience for all of our staff as it enabled us to get to know our potential students more personally.  The final stage before students received their confirmation of acceptance into the school was a health check; this was to ensure that all students were fit and healthy, ready to start the year ahead.  We are pleased to announce that on July 1st 2017, our campus will again be full of potential, therefore preparations are in full swing for their arrival!