Newsletter #4


On Monday the 20th of February we took a very excited student body to Kodi for the annual Sumbanese tradition -The Pasola.  The event consisted of an outdoor arena outlined by hundreds of local people who had gathered to watch the competition unfold. Two teams of local men sat astride beautifully dressed horses that galloped towards each other with the aim of throwing bamboo spears in order to dismantle the opposite team member.  This event was a technicolour treat for the eyes; with vibrant, traditional fabrics worn by both the horses and their riders.  Our students, along with the bustling crowds, cheered and celebrated the fast paced ceremony.
This month, our second batch of students left us to go and carry out a two week long cross exposure program at the world renowned resort -Nihiwatu. We said goodbye and good luck to five students from our four different departments; Housekeeping, Front Office, Culinary and Restaurant and Bar.  The students were over the moon to be given such a fantastic opportunity.  They will receive first hand experience and will be given a platform to practise skills they have acquired over the last seven months at our school.  We would like to say a big thank you to all of the staff at Nihiwatu for making this a reality.
We are getting closer to the end of our first school year here at The Sumba Hospitality Foundation, which means we’re recruiting fresh faces for next year. This week, our team have been busy travelling to schools around Sumba carrying out pre-testing in order to find our potential star candidates who will be starting in July 2017.  We have been overwhelmed by the number of applicants and the level of enthusiasm directed towards our school and look forward to the next stage of the application process – the student interviews.
Our garden is flourishing here at The Sumba Hospitality Foundation. We are thankful to Mother Nature for providing us with endless rainfall; it has transformed our campus into a luscious jungle of tantalising treats.  The newest addition to our permaculture farm is our ‘Happy Herb Garden’; we can now add parsley, mint, basil, lemongrass, coriander and chives to our list of delicious ingredients to be used in our food and beverages here at SHF.  Chef Alex and his team of highly motivated culinary students jumped headfirst into pesto preparations, whilst the food and beverage team created refreshing, lemon grass infused cocktails for our guests.  Its fantastic to see our garden produce being enjoyed in our bar and restaurant.