Reza Vegawan, Member of Board of Supervisors

Reza, born in Jakarta, Indonesia is a financial wizard, who has been working for several multinational companies and currently works as a financial consultant for a large international organization. He lived in many different countries since his early childhood and has obtained a Master of International Financial Management from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands and a CPA from the University of Sidney, Australia. He is fluent in Bahasa, English and Dutch and has a good command of French and German.
His biggest passion is traveling and discovering new cultures. He has been a great supporter since the beginning of the foundation and accompanied Inge on many travels to Sumba as her translator and liaison with the local people. Reza does not only advise the Sumba Hospitality Foundation but also likes to involve his extensive network in Indonesia in the project. He is currently residing in Belgium. BACK TO OVERVIEW
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