Update from Management Team


Please find a quick update on what the team is doing while the school is being built. Lauren, Thomas, and Malcolm are currently studying Bahasa Indonesia at Alam Bahasa in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in preparation for their move to Sumba in May. Yogyakarta, located in Java, is a fantastic city to further become acquainted with the Indonesian language and culture as it is commonly known as the Indonesian capital of education.

Alam Bahasa offers an immersive learning experience, with one-on-one classes taught entirely in Bahasa Indonesia. Through fieldtrips that the school offers, we have been able to visit historic landmarks such as Borobudur Temple, a ninth-century Buddhist temple that happens to be the worlds largest. We have also had the opportunity to take classes on local dance, cooking techniques, and the art of making batik.

After school the learning continues, as Jogja is a great city to explore and soak in the culture. The streets are full of local stores, restaurants, cafes, warungs, kiosks, and street carts, each with its own experience waiting to be had. The team is of course busy as well preparing everything for the school; the progress has been consistent, and the growing number of people interested in the project is constantly lifting our already high spirits. Homestay Heru, our home for now, is beautiful in itself, and we have met some truly great people (including the Herus themselves) while living here.

The team will soon move to Bali to be closer to the action in Sumba. Malcolm will be staying at The Kul Kul Farm, located at the Green School while studying organic farming, permaculture, and eco-living. Thomas and Lauren will continue developing curriculum and teaching materials, organizing the opening of the school, and ensuring the arrival of supplies on Sumba. We are all very excited for July 1st, when the students will be joining us in Sumba!