Genuine hospitality will take you places you never imagined

The Sumba Hospitality Foundation believes that all young people should get an opportunity in life to grow and make a better future for themselves. Sumba is a beautiful, friendly island with a highly distinctive culture, which is slowly developing into a tourism destination. We believe that by offering vocational education in hospitality, we can provide young Sumbanese people with the skills they need to create employment opportunities on the island.


Educating and empowering for sustainable futures

Our aim is to educate and to develop the students’ awareness of their responsibility to the beautiful environment they live in. We hope that Sumba can grow as an example of sustainable tourism development, one which involves the local people and protects the environment and the natural beauty of the island. Education, awareness and responsibility are the three most important keystones of the foundation. The income of the restaurant, hotel and organic farm will enable the organisation to be self-sufficient in the future.

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