"We spread hope
and opportunities
in Sumba"

- Inge De Lathauwer, founder


We empower local youth through education


We are an international best practice in responsible tourism


We create environmental awareness

How we help the people of Sumba

Sumba is one of the poorest regions in Indonesia. While tourism is gradually developing, we believe responsible tourism is the only way to protect this fragile island in a way local communities can benefit. To end the circle of poverty, we encourage young adults to dream big and empower them by education, training, and work experience. Last but not least, we aim to raise environmental awareness with students, tourists, and local communities.

Discover our projects

What can you do for Sumba?

Sumba needs you. We kindly invite you to get involved by offering many volunteering possibilities or ways to donate. However, most of all, we encourage you to visit Sumba and enjoy the beauty of this Island and its people in a responsible way.

Get involved

Sponsor a student

Change a life by sponsoring a student’s education and internship or help out on a smaller scale. Your donations make a difference. 

Visit Sumba

Visit Sumba and enjoy the beauty of this Island and its people in a responsible way. Book a room at Maringi, our small resort with a big heart.


Over the years, volunteers have been a cornerstone for Sumba Hospitality Foundation. Volunteering on Sumba or remote, it’s all possible.

“We want to end the circle of poverty by giving hope and opportunities to the youth of Sumba.”

— Inge De Lathauwer, founder

Our founder’s story

Stories that inspire

Enjoy inspiring stories of beautiful Sumba, our activities, and our charming students as our blog takes you behind the scenes of Sumba, the foundation, and our social projects Maringi and Makan Dulu.

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    A growing impact on Sumba

    With our projects, we aim to touch all corners of the island to create impact from within the most distant villages. These are the areas that have been positively impacted already.

    Our activities in Beautiful Sumba

    Hover you mouse over the map of Sumba to find out more about Sumba Hospitality Foundations work with the people of Sumba.

    We are involved in Sumbanese Society at all levels, from collaboration with local government to working directly with the communities of Sumba.

    Our activities in Beautiful Sumba
    Sumba Barat Daya Sumba Barat Sumba Tengah Sumba Timur

    Sumba Barat Daya

    Ratenggaro village in Sumba

    Southwest Sumba is the most populous region of Sumba. In its capital Tambolaka, you’ll find Sumba Hospitality Foundation’s offices, as well as our social enterprises: Makan Dulu (restaurant) and Maringi (resort).

    Sumba Barat

    South Sumba has always been a hidden gem for surfers. The endless stretches of beach are stunning. Here you can find Nihi, a unique 5-star resort, and an important partner of Sumba Hospitality Foundation since day one.

    Sumba Tengah

    Central Sumba has a lot to offer: the most amazing waterfalls are hidden all over this central part of Sumba. Although not densely populated, students from several villages in this region have found their way to our school.

    Sumba Timur

    East Sumba is the largest, and probably the most traditional region of the Island. It hosts Sumba’s biggest city, Waingapu, as well as countless traditional villages, and the enchanting landscapes of Bukit Wairinding.

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