Our activities in Beautiful Sumba

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We are involved in Sumbanese Society at all levels, from collaboration with local government to working directly with the communities of Sumba.

Our activities in Beautiful Sumba
Sumba Barat Daya Sumba Barat Sumba Tengah Sumba Timur

Sumba Barat Daya

Ratenggaro village in Sumba

Southwest Sumba is the most populous region of Sumba. In its capital Tambolaka, you’ll find Sumba Hospitality Foundation’s offices, as well as our social enterprises: Makan Dulu (restaurant) and Maringi (resort).

Sumba Barat

South Sumba has always been a hidden gem for surfers. The endless stretches of beach are stunning. Here you can find Nihi, a unique 5-star resort, and an important partner of Sumba Hospitality Foundation since day one.

Sumba Tengah

Central Sumba has a lot to offer: the most amazing waterfalls are hidden all over this central part of Sumba. Although not densely populated, students from several villages in this region have found their way to our school.

Sumba Timur

East Sumba is the largest, and probably the most traditional region of the Island. It hosts Sumba’s biggest city, Waingapu, as well as countless traditional villages, and the enchanting landscapes of Bukit Wairinding.