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Ratenggaro village in Sumba

Sumba looks beyond Covid-19

It’s been a challenging year for Inge De Lathauwer and the whole team at Sumba Hospitality Foundation. The resort, Maringi Sumba, which provided some income for the school, stalled. Most funds raised went towards Covid-related health issues. Tourism to Sumba has stalled, jobs and income have been lost across the island. But still, the Belgian founder…

students sponsered by WIT

10 students sponsored, thanks to WIT

Ten students, supported by funds raised from the WiT Charity Auction of 2019, finally started their classes in January this year at the Sumba Hospitality School.  After some months of closure, due to Covid, the school reopened on January 15. The 10 students – Tuti, Karel, Listo, Paskal, Vinia, Aris, Libertin, Diana, Satni, and Arden…

Wai Humba Festival

The Wai Humba Festival is an annual, traditional festival of Sumba that aims to protect the environment, especially the water sources of the island. The main basis of the Wai Hulba Festival is a reflection of Hinduism. This festival is not a tourist festival but a space for the consolidation of the culture of the people…

Cross training in Nihi

Cross-training at Nihi Sumba

We are proud to be able to count the best of the best among our preferred partners. Most have welcomed our students for several years in a row and are employing alumni as we speak. A loyal partner from the very start has been Nihi Sumba. They employ our alumni and they have our students…

horse and man during Pasola

Pasola, a matter of life and death

Staff and students recently had the opportunity to experience the traditional Pasola Festival which is most popular in Southwest and West Sumba Regencies. It was quite an unforgettable cultural experience. A unique traditional festival The Pasola Festival is held annually between the months of February and March and is held in several places in West…

recruitment at shf

Recruitment Time!

Sumba Hospitality Foundation’s recruitment of Cohort 4 commenced at the beginning of this year. This is an important and extensive process. Many information sessions were held throughout the four regions of Sumba in January and February. After we received all applications, members of the Foundation and our NGO Partners run the selection of students, which…



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