Enjoy inspiring stories of beautiful Sumba, our activities, and our charming students as our blog takes you behind the scenes of Sumba, the foundation, and our social enterprises Maringi and Makan Dulu.


The governor of NTT guest at SHF

Cross trainning at Nihi Sumba Eco Resort Our students continued to have cross-training at Nihi Sumba eco resort throughout March. Our Sixth Group included Maria (Spa), Tomi (Culinary), Okta (Front Office), Lius (R&B), Ari (R&B), and Marsel (Housekeeping) and began this vital training in the last week of February through the first week of March.…

Vegan Culinary Workshop at SHF

Cross Trainning at Nihi Sumba Our fifth and sixth groups are in their cross training through our partnership with world-renowned eco-resort, NIHI SUMBA. Group 5 departed from campus on Saturday, 26 January and included: Samuel (Culinary), Mia (Housekeeping), Monik (Front Office), Yuyun (Culinary), and Istar (R&B). We welcomed their return and sent the sixth group…

Spa Grand Opening at Maringi Sumba

We are proud of our students ! It has been an exciting month at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation, Maringi Sumba, and School. We are so pleased to see all our students learning, growing, and excelling. These are not the same students we saw come through the gates for the Opening Day ceremony on 3 July.…

Culinary Workshop at SHF leading by Petty

Culinary Workshop at SHF leading by Petty This month, we welcomed back one of our favourite Indonesian chefs, Petty Elliot. Petty is not only a renowned chef, but she is also an author and an ambassador for Indonesian cuisine all over the world. We are lucky enough to say that this isn’t the first time…

Christmas celebration at SHF

Christmas celebration at SHF December was both a nourishing and celebratory month for everyone at The Sumba Hospitality Foundation; it presented us with an abundance of treats! We kicked off the month with Christmas songs echoing throughout the campus; we all worked together to transform our school into a festive wonderland for our annual Christmas…



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