Enjoy inspiring stories of beautiful Sumba, our activities, and our charming students as our blog takes you behind the scenes of Sumba, the foundation, and our social enterprises Maringi and Makan Dulu.


Introduction to Sumba

With its unspoiled natural landscape, world-renowned Ikat textiles, and one of the last remaining authentic animist cultures in the world, Sumba has much to offer to tourists. The local culture and traditions of the Sumbanese are still very much alive while they also have an innate friendliness towards foreigners. However, Sumba has a dark side…

School Visits and Radio Interviews create awareness

Inge De Lathauwer, Lauren Bruggemans and Dempta Bato visited high schools in 4 regions of Sumba – Sumba Timur, Sumba Tengah, Sumba Barat and Sumba Barat Daya. We will select 10 students from each region so that our school fully represents the island of Sumba. Our goal is for our students to learn from each…

The Sumba House

Below is a link to a fantastic article about the Sumba House at Bambu Indah, an extraordinary eco-hotel in Bali founded by John and Cynthia Hardy. They have created a guest house using the unique design of a traditional Sumbanese home. We are very excited that Ibuku, founded by John’s daughter, Elora, has designed our…

Bamboo Construction has Started

  There are currently 40 Balinese bamboo workers building our school in Sumba. Although it is tough being posted away from home and living in tents, they continue working diligently on the project. In order to recreate some of the comforts of home, they have built small bamboo altars for their offerings. These men also…

Tony Bruggemans: Mentor and Advisor of the Foundation

Tony is a very active member of the foundation sharing his experience in the tourism industry and his extensive network in Indonesia. Born in Liege Belgium, Tony graduated from C.E.R.I.A. Hotel School in Brussels. He spent 14 months in Antarctica as intendant of the first Belgian-Dutch Expedition at the King Baudouin Base in Queen Maud…



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