Enjoy inspiring stories of beautiful Sumba, our activities, and our charming students as our blog takes you behind the scenes of Sumba, the foundation, and our social enterprises Maringi and Makan Dulu.


Partnership with GLION

We are very excited to announce a partnership between the Sumba Hospitality Foundation and Glion Institute of Higher Education. After 50 years of excellence, Glion is ranked among the top three hospitality schools for preparing students for an international career in hospitality management. 11,000 alumni all over the world who have forged its reputation for…

The First Stone

Together with many friends of the foundation, we traveled to Sumba to attend the ceremony of laying the first stone of the school. The Merapi priest read the ceremonial sacrifices and told us that the spirits are in support of the new owner and the construction of the school. The local community gathered on the…

Inspiration: Yogya’s Waste Bank

Desa Sukunan is a quiet village in Yogyakarta, Central Java. Pak Iswanto, a local waste management expert introduced the concept of waste banking there. At this ‘waste bank’ or ‘bank sampah’, the waste created by the household is divided into 2 categories; organic and non-organic. Organic waste is turned into compost and used to fertilize…

Sala Bai & The Shinta Mani Foundation: true inspirations

Inge, Lauren, and Tommy visited Sala Bai and the Shinta Mani Foundation in Siem Reap to get inspiration for the Sumba Hotel School. Emanuelle Dethomas (Presidente from Agir pour le Cambodge) and Claude Colombie, director of Sala Bai, are very committed to sharing their knowledge. Sala Bai is a very successful hotel school for already…

Acquisition of the land

The Sumba Hospitality Foundation proudly announces that the land purchasing process has been completed. The five hectares of land is located in Desa Karuni in Sumba Barat Daya and is about 20 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the beach. The area will be divided into two sections: the first part will contain…



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