Enjoy inspiring stories of beautiful Sumba, our activities, and our charming students as our blog takes you behind the scenes of Sumba, the foundation, and our social enterprises Maringi and Makan Dulu.


Graduates start their internships

In June we celebrated the end of our first school year at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation. We said goodbye and good luck to our first-ever body of graduates before sending them on their way to begin their internships at 5-star hotels and restaurants across Sumba and Bali. Eight of our students were lucky enough to…

Behind the scenes at NIHI and Bambu Indah

  Special guest: General Manager Bambu Indah Recently we had the General Manager of Bambu Indah, Mrs. Diane Lion Giustiniani, as a guest at our school. Bambu Indah is a boutique hotel located in Ubud, Bali. She came from Bali to meet our students and she told them how she and her team provide very…

Introduction to Sumba

With its unspoiled natural landscape, world-renowned Ikat textiles, and one of the last remaining authentic animist cultures in the world, Sumba has much to offer to tourists. The local culture and traditions of the Sumbanese are still very much alive while they also have an innate friendliness towards foreigners. However, Sumba has a dark side…

The Sumba House

Below is a link to a fantastic article about the Sumba House at Bambu Indah, an extraordinary eco-hotel in Bali founded by John and Cynthia Hardy. They have created a guest house using the unique design of a traditional Sumbanese home. We are very excited that Ibuku, founded by John’s daughter, Elora, has designed our…



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