Cocktails, cheese, and coffee

cocktails and cheese

Cocktails or mocktails?

We are so proud of our R & B students and their amazing instructors, Claartje Bakker, from the Netherlands. Using hand-picked ingredients from our own garden, the students carefully crafted a delicious array of unique syrups from herbs, berries, and fruits which were used to create amazing cocktails including the new Sumba Mojito. While the students test “mocktails” our adult guests may enjoy the cocktail versions. Our students are learning amazing things in our hands-on and exciting educational environment. Cheers to them!




Cheese Tasting

A big thank you to our generous volunteers because of their kindness the students in our R & B and Culinary Departments had the opportunity to experience eight different European kinds of cheese. With the assistance of Chef Alex Colombis, from Italy, these delights were paired with a variety of fruits, nuts, and bread to bring out their flavors, and a lecture on cheese making and pairing followed. Never having tasted cheese before, many students found the array of odors, textures, and flavors overwhelming. Regardless, it was an amazing learning experience for our students to experience cuisine from all over the world.




Barista training

Also this month, students in our Food and Beverage Module received special Barista training along with the gift of equipment to prepare these luscious treats. The students are so proud of their BARISTA certificates and are ready to prepare some amazing coffee drinks for our guests at the Maringi Sumba. These students also traveled to a local coffee farm in search of the finest coffee beans Sumba has to offer. With a focus on a sustainable Sumba – Sumba Hospitality Foundation buys locally whenever possible.




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