The community is everything

Everything we do on Sumba is for and with the local community. We love the people of Sumba and we care for their needs.

Our community projects focus on participation and foster empowerment, emancipation, and change through collective action. It’s all about creating opportunities for growth and change through employment, education, crafts, farming, music, and so much more.

Interactive English Classes,
free of charge

We believe learning should be accessible to everybody, not only our students. Therefore, from Monday to Friday from 5-6 PM, we offer fun and interactive English classes to the community, free of charge.

These classes are taught by our volunteers and our students and enjoyed by children of all ages. One can hear the joy and laughter from all ends of the campus.

Creativity unleashed
… and shared

Our students are continuously looking for ways to channel their creativity, and share it with the community.

Let’s start with the gift of music, that has been granted so generously to our students. They compose their own songs and spread happiness while performing. Our official school choir not only energizes but also creates further English exposure within the community.

The yearly talent and fashion show allow students to unleash their creativity completely and share their talent with the world. Last but not least: did you know the students collaborate with the community in using locally resourced materials to create jewelry that can be found in our gift shop?

From volleyball to
permaculture competitions

At Sumba Hospitality Foundation, we make sure to keep our doors open for the community … and new ideas. 

We organize volleyball competitions with outside teams and the students create fun and compelling workshops for local schools that visit our foundation.

Students also participate in permaculture competitions, which allow them to take responsibility for their own harvests, and share new farming techniques all over Sumba.

Stories that inspire

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    Our Projects


    Today we are proud to successfully run two independent educational projects on Sumba: a hotel school and a training restaurant.

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    At the farm, we teach students new organic farming methods with long-term sustainability in mind. Besides increasing …

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    As a real-life study environment for our 60 Hotel School students, we opened a small resort with a big heart: Maringi Sumba.

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    Makan Dulu

    Training restaurant Makan Dulu is a magical real-life study environment where dreams come true for our 20 students.

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    We aim to raise environmental awareness with students, tourists, and local communities. We have implemented …

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    Everything we do on Sumba is for and with the local community. We love the people of Sumba and we care for their needs.

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