Cross-training at Nihi Sumba

Cross training in Nihi

We are proud to be able to count the best of the best among our preferred partners. Most have welcomed our students for several years in a row and are employing alumni as we speak. A loyal partner from the very start has been Nihi Sumba. They employ our alumni and they have our students for internships. Furthermore, they partner up with Sumba Hospitality Foundation for the cross-training of our students. Every year this is indeed an eye-opener for our new students. 


A unique training experience

Nihi Sumba has been awarded multiple times as ‘Best Hotel in the World’. Needless to say, being cross-trained at this stunning resort is a unique learning experience for our students. This is an excellent opportunity for students to bring together theory and practice together and gain real-life work experience in their fields. They return from their Nihi cross-training experience more mature, directed, professional, and poised. We are humbled to have such a beautiful collaboration with this world-class eco-resort.


Proud of our students

During the month of January Arson (Culinary), Imelda (Housekeeping), Veban (R & B), and Rian (R & B) showcased their knowledge and skills during their two-week training at NIHI SUMBA. Group 5 campus on Saturday, 26 January and included: Mia (Housekeeping), Istar (R & B), Monik (Front Office), and Yuyun and Samuel (Culinary). We look forward to their return in February. We wish them great success!

Our students continued to have cross-training at Nihi Sumba throughout March. Our Sixth Group included Maria (Spa), Tomi (Culinary), Okta (Front Office), Lius (R&B), Ari (R&B), and Marsel (Housekeeping) and began this vital training in the last week of February through the first week of March. This was followed by the Seventh Group: Alex (R&B), Fista (Spa), Hans (Culinary), Mada (Housekeeping), James (Culinary), and Helda (Front Office). And our Eighth Group followed the last week in March and included: Erlin (R&B), Angel (Front Office), Arsya (R&B), Udis (Housekeeping), and Nika (Culinary), who will return in early April.

Our partnership with the world-famous eco-resorts continues until the New Year when our students continue two weeks of cross-experience training.


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