Daytrip to Weekuri Lagoon

Daytrip to Weekuri Lagoon

We are safe in Sumba, although in recent months we have had to prepare for the possibility of earthquakes and tsunamis as neighboring islands have suffered dearly from these calamities. Also, the concern of the dry season here is the threat of wildfires on adjacent properties. Agriculture techniques, and their other rubbish; farmers in the area routinely utilizing “slash and burn”; these fires can get out of control and threaten the safety of our home. Our efforts enable us to minimize the impact of these calamities on the Sumba Hospitality Foundation family. To cut a long story short: we needed some fun.


To Weekuri with responsibility

Using the monetary tips earned by students, and accompanied by staff, all students traveled to Weekuri Lagoon (“Lake Weekuri”) for lots of sun and fun. The lagoon is well known for its unique topography, separated by cliffs from the ocean and with water as clear as glass. It is only a relatively short distance and an easy drive from Tambolaka Airport (approximately 1 hr). The outing was long-awaited as the students longed for a break from hectic weeks full of studying and service. There were several activities that the students got involved in, including jumping into the water from a diving tower, playing water polo, and some individual activities like snorkeling.





In true SHF spirit, we also had a trash walk as part of our responsibility to keep our planet green – leaving the place more beautiful than when we arrived.

Everyone felt so refreshed after that short but sweet break and we hope that the fun day re-energized our students and staff before returning back to their routines. It was a wonderful staff and student bonding event. Fun was had by all!




By the way, it seems that we are Famous!

This month, we are showcasing one of Indonesia’s largest news broadcasters, MetroTV, who filmed a segment during our graduation ceremony in 2018!




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