Sponsor a student
Change a life

At Sumba Hospitality Foundation dreams come true. Your donations make that possible. Why don’t you start sponsoring a student today?

A full sponsorship (USD$ 5000) covers all expenses for a student over the period of 1,5 years and includes education, uniform, school supplies, room and board, internship, and basic medical care.

In return for your extraordinary generosity, we will provide you with personal updates and pictures throughout the year allowing you to track the student’s process.

Donate as a company or institution

At SHF, we believe in trust-based philanthropy to build long-term relationships with partners who believe in our work.

Are you a company or an institution? Contact us about how you can contribute to our mission.

Every donation makes a difference

There are many opportunities to sponsor our student’s education on a smaller scale as well.

From a bag of seeds or a school uniform to medical supplies or support for an internship, your donations make a difference in the daily lives of our students.

Have an impactful stay

Sumba Hospitality Foundation runs 2 social projects: our small eco-resort Maringi Sumba and our charming restaurant Makan Dulu. Why don’t you plan your next holiday in Sumba?

Staying at Maringi allows you a unique view behind the scenes of Sumba Hospitality Foundation’s campus. Why don’t you book an extra spa and wellness treatment or enjoy our Maringi Restaurant? Every Rupiah you’ll spend goes directly to the foundation.

Eating at Makan Dulu is a unique culinary experience and a great way to support the Sumba Hospitality Foundation. Our students will be happy to serve you. Without any doubt, this is the most delicious way of donating.