Co-write Sumba’s history

As you probably found out by now, Sumba Hospitality Foundation isn’t afraid of being ambitious. Sumba deserves no less.

However, we cannot do this on our own. From the start, we have believed in collaboration, and we kindly invite you to keep on writing history with us. Get involved!

How to get involved



Student applications


“To the hotel manager hiring our graduates and to the student applying for a seat on our campus: Thank you! To the tireless volunteer as well as to the generous donator: Thank you! To this young couple dating over a coffee at Makan Dulu and to that family enjoying their holiday at Maringi Sumba: Thank you! We have been lucky with the overwhelming support we’ve got over the years. Without you, none of this would have been possible.”


Collaboration Story

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On Friday, Stenden University Bali hosted a charity event at Harris Hotel in Bali to benefit the Sumba Hospitality Foundation. The gala, featuring a belly dancer, a magician, a student band, and other entertainment, was great fun! It was touching and heartwarming to see young people take interest in our organization.

SHF students during English class

The Sumba Hospitality Foundation is a project for and with the Sumbanese community.

Since our inception, we have worked hard to create and maintain a strong community within the Foundation and beyond. Students, staff, suppliers, industry partners and alumni together make up the SHF community. Everything we do on Sumba is for and with the local community. We love the people of Sumba and we care about their needs.

Our work focuses on participation and promotes empowerment, emancipation and change through collective action. It is about creating opportunities for growth and change through employment, education, crafts, agriculture, music and much more.

The gift of music has been granted generously bestowed upon our students. They compose their own songs and spread joy when they perform. Our SHF sewing workshop provides another opportunity for our students to let their creativity run wild.