Behind the scenes at NIHI and Bambu Indah


Special guest: General Manager Bambu Indah

Recently we had the General Manager of Bambu Indah, Mrs. Diane Lion Giustiniani, as a guest at our school. Bambu Indah is a boutique hotel located in Ubud, Bali. She came from Bali to meet our students and she told them how she and her team provide very personalized service for their guests. Ibu Diane, thank you for taking the time to talk to our students!




‘Behind the scene Tour’ at NIHI


All our students had the privilege of an exclusive “behind the scenes” tour of one of the world’s finest resorts: the amazing NIHI resort. In two visits our students saw an amazing Treehouse Villa, the Owners Villa, the Restaurants and Bars, the Chocolate factory, the Horse stables, the breathtaking private beach….and much more. The students had so many questions for the staff and they were all answered patiently. Thank you to Nina, Reta, Agus, and Pak Dedy who made time for us.


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