Permaculture and Promotion



During October, our Sumba Hospitality Foundation team visited high schools across Sumba to introduce and promote our school for next year’s admissions. During these visits, the team shared information about our school, including the admission process and the rationale behind the school foundation – that is to educate young, underprivileged Sumbanese in the knowledge and skills required to work in the hospitality industry and raise awareness of sustainable tourism.

In order to reach more applicants, the team went directly to some very remote high schools across the island. The team also worked with our contributors who willingly spread information further as we were unable to visit all schools. This year, we aim to receive more applications from these isolated and unreachable areas that may not have been aware of our school.

We are hoping the promotion will bring about positive outcomes!



Students Inspired by Permaculture Class

If you come and visit the Sumba Hospitality Foundation you will see that our farm is an integral part of our campus. Varieties of organic vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees provide us with healthy and fresh produce almost every day. In the Hotel School, the Permaculture class opens the students’ perspectives into sustainable and organic farming. They learn how to deal with waste management including food waste for compost and recycled water for plants. They also learn how to make farm beds and increase the production of farm yield without using chemical elements.



The method and approach are taken seriously by the students and are often shared with their families and communities during holidays. Aside from their allocated gardening session in permaculture class, they take initiative by making their own farm beds and taking care of trees. Students from room one boys particularly enjoy spending their free time planting different kinds of vegetables and helping on the farm.

We are so proud that our students grasp the idea of sustainability from their classes and are inspired to voluntarily contribute to their community while protecting the earth.



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