Small sustainability projects that matter

Sustainability kept by students


Creating partnerships for sustainability

The Sumba Hospitality Foundation is all about sustainability and community service. In that spirit, our students recently joined forces with other groups and businesses near Kawona Beach. SHF students collaborated with Bakti Luhur Vocational School, the Sumba Tour Guide Association, and Sinar Tambolaka Hotel to restore this local attraction to natural beauty and litter scattered throughout the area. While our students rarely have the opportunity to visit this beach, they have come to embrace their island, their environment, and their local community by the active and active members of the community.




Trash walks to educate and inspire

As an active member of our community in Southwest Sumba, the Sumba Hospitality Foundation continues our efforts in promoting environment-friendly practices and creating a sustainable world one small corner at a time. Nearly every month, SHF staff and students partner with local agencies to educate and empower the community in utilizing sustainable practices. Our group trash walks promote an “each one, teach one” philosophy, demonstrating the ease and importance of environmentally sustainable living. The result is cleaner streets, markets, and beaches, but more importantly giving the gift of knowledge that will spread for generations to come.


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