The most Beautiful Fundraiser ever


Earlier this month, a fundraiser was held in Jakarta in order to raise money for a beauty and grooming workshop for our students. Shortly after, a team consisting of Tania, Kristin, Teddy, and Ana arrived in Sumba equipped with an abundance of gifts, all of them centered around lessons in hygiene and self-grooming.



Beauty and grooming specialists conduct fun, creative workshops


It was an action-packed couple of days; Kristin and Tania delivered sessions on the importance of hygiene, especially focusing within the occupational area of hospitality, whilst Teddy and Ana concentrated more on hair and make-up. Both the boys and girls threw themselves into a number of games and challenges; there was an explosion of color and we especially loved how our students were encouraged to freely explore their creativity. All of the students learned so many new skills and it was a wonderful opportunity for them to experience something that may not have ever been presented to them before.


The highlight of the training sessions was on the final day, where all of the students participated in a glamorous catwalk show. It was fantastic to invite all of the staff and hotel guests to participate in the exuberant event, a beautiful display of young people filled with self-confidence. We want to say thank you to the team and also to the people who donated during the fundraiser, you created wonderful memories for everybody involved!


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