Wine Workshop at SHF

Cross training starts at Nihi for SHF students

November was the start of a crucial time for our students as they began their cross-training at Nihi, a luxurious and intimate resort located in Wanukaka-Sumba Barat. This is an ongoing program which will give every student the opportunity to complete 2-weeks of intensive work experience in their departments. Every fortnight, 4 students, one from Culinary, Restaurant and Bar, Housekeeping and Front Office, will travel to Nihi to complete their training. We collaborated with Nihi for this purpose last year and it proved to be very beneficial for our students. Not only does it allow the students to experience the operation of a 5 star resort, but it also enables them to put into practice the skills that they are learning at our school, whilst gaining confidence and learning from professionals in their departments.




Wine Workshop at SHF

We want to say a huge thank you to Christopher Martin from WSET Global, an educational drinks charity based in London- UK, for delivering a workshop on wine to our Restaurant and Bar students. Chris is a WSET level 4 holder and is working with all service providers in South East Asia, South Korea and Japan. This month, he conducted a Level 1 Award in Wines; both our staff and students thoroughly enjoyed participating in the course and we look forward to continuing our wine journey in the future.





Congratulation for our Cohort 1 students for their passion and determination

This month, we went to visit our students who finished their schooling with us last June and are now coming to the end of their 6-month internships. They are all situated at different, well renowned hotels and restaurants across Bali and Sumba; it was truly amazing to see how far they have come, their confidence, passion and determination to succeed was inspiring. All of us at The Sumba Hospitality Foundation are so proud of every single one of them; they are our first ever cohort of students and will be remembered with such fantastic memories! Congratulations to all of them and we are confident that their futures are going to be bright!



Wai Humba Festival

This weekend, we attended The Wai Humba Festival- an annual, traditional festival of Sumba that aims to protect the environment, especially the water sources of the island. This year the festivities were held in Tabera Village, West Sumba. Our students were given the chance to take part in the event; they wrote and prepared a song and a selection of poetry especially dedicated to the themes of the festival. It was a wonderful event to be a part of and it was so encouraging to see people gather together, united through the purpose of protecting their island.




Christmas is coming !

Everybody at The Sumba Hospitality Foundation is so excited for the month of December! Christmas is approaching and we are already making plans to turn our campus into a magical wonderland; both the students and the staff are ready to sport the santa hats, turn up the Christmas carols and begin the festive celebrations. Our lovely dog, Babi, is feeling particularly jolly!




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