Culinary Workshop at SHF leading by Petty

Culinary Workshop at SHF leading by Petty

This month, we welcomed back one of our favourite Indonesian chefs, Petty Elliot. Petty is not only a renowned chef, but she is also an author and an ambassador for Indonesian cuisine all over the world. We are lucky enough to say that this isn’t the first time we have welcomed Petty to our campus, she also came last year. The purpose of her visit was to deliver a culinary workshop for our students; she did a presentation for all 48 of our students, where they learnt about Indonesian ingredients and the importance of sharing their country’s cuisine across the world. Additionally, she worked more closely with our chef, Alex, and his team of culinary students to prepare a three course meal for all staff and students; it was a fantastic evening! The menu included a starter of roasted mixed vegetables, a main course of seafood risotto and a mouthwatering mix of avocado and chocolate for dessert; it’s safe to say we all left the restaurant particularly satisfied that evening. We feel so lucky to be able to welcome Petty back to our campus, especially our culinary students, who learnt so much from her visit. Thank you Petty and we look forward to seeing you again soon in Sumba.

Workshop at SHF leading by Katamama’s Housekeeping Director

March brought us yet another fantastic educational workshop for our students, but this time it focused on the departments of Housekeeping and Front Office. Katamama’s Housekeeping Director and his team visited us in order to deliver both theoretical and practical lessons focusing on the key aspects of the department. Our students had the opportunity to sit in the classroom in order to receive a PowerPoint presentation and they also got the chance to practically apply their newly learnt knowledge in our guest pavilions; it was an in-depth and interesting exchange where our students learnt so much and were so excited to be working with professionals in their field. Katamama is a boutique hotel situated in Seminyak, Bali and is renowned for its luxurious and creative design. Our students are not yet familiar with a wide range of hotels and resorts, therefore it was eye-opening for them to be exposed to Katamama and it provided them with a great deal of inspiration as they grow closer to starting their internships.

Reiki Class

An extra special moment we experienced during their stay was an additional Reiki class held by the team; all staff and students learnt about the 7 chakras and the benefits of self healing. It was a great workshop and had a very calming and positive effect on everybody involved.

Success for the shf’s fundraising dinner in Brussel

This month, 330 people attended the first ever fundraising dinner held on behalf of The Sumba Hospitality Foundation in Brussels, Belgium. The Indonesian Ambassador and his team were amongst the guests, not forgetting friends and family and some of our previous volunteers. It was an incredible event, with guests experiencing delicious food from the famous Boxys Brothers, unique, tropical decoration from Paul Klunders and speeches from our founder, Inge and our Executive Director, Lauren; they also got to bid for some fabulous items including, ikats, bicycles and once in a life time trips. The event transported everybody from snowy Brussels to the exotic paradise of Sumba. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the attendees and this event has only spurred us on to continue working hard to support the people of Sumba.

Earth Hour

On the 24th of March we celebrated Earth Hour, a mission that aims to unite people across the globe who have a shared desire to protect the planet. Earth Hour is a global environmental movement parented by the world renowned WWF organization and was started in Sydney, Australia back in 2007. However since then it has grown to engage more than 180 countries and territories worldwide, one of which being our island of Sumba! We celebrated by turning off all of our lights from 8pm -9pm and by watching ‘A Plastic Ocean’, a movie dedicated to the startling amount of plastic pollution found in the world’s oceans. This was a thought-provoking evening for our students and initiated some innovative discussions during their Permaculture classes over the following days.



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