Spa Grand Opening at Maringi Sumba

We are proud of our students !

It has been an exciting month at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation, Maringi Sumba, and School. We are so pleased to see all our students learning, growing, and excelling. These are not the same students we saw come through the gates for the Opening Day ceremony on 3 July.

Happy Indonesian Independence day

On August 17, Indonesia celebrated 73 years of independence and our students joined the community in commemorating this amazing event. The students prepared two songs to sing on stage at the community-wide celebration: CELEBRATE, by Kool and the Gang, and SUMBAKU, created by our previous own students at SHF. Students also participated in the parade and the carnival that were held three days prior to Independence Day events.


Games events on campus

After the Independence Day performance, the students enjoyed a series of games and events on campus, including a slow bicycle race, tug-of-war contest, fashion show, and others. The students collaborated with each other and planned the event. It was an exciting and memorable day for the students and staff.


Spa Grand Opening at Maringi Sumba

Next, Sumba hospitality Foundation celebrated the Grand Opening of our new Spa. Sumba Hospitality Foundation welcomed many local officials and representatives from JAMU in Bali to cut the ribbon and officially open this fine new addition to the Maringi Sumba. Sumba Hospitality Foundation has six female students in the Spa program who are receiving professional spa training through collaborative efforts with JAMU Spa School. Speeches during the ceremony focused on educating the public on the wellness aspects and holistic benefits of Spa treatments and the need to eliminate negative stereotypes associated with Spa and massage.

Barista training

Also this month, students in our Food and Beverage Module received special Barista training along with the gift of equipment to prepare these luscious treats. The students are so proud of their BARISTA certificates and are ready to prepare some amazing coffee drinks for our guests at the Maringi Sumba. These students also traveled to a local coffee farm in search of the finest coffee beans Sumba has to offer. With a focus on a sustainable Sumba – Sumba Hospitality Foundation buys locally whenever possible.


Community English classes re-opened

Continuing our community efforts, Sumba Hospitality Foundation re-opened Community English classes for this school year. After receiving teacher training from the Sumba Hospitality Foundation English teacher, 30 empowered Sumba Hospitality Foundation students commenced planning the curriculum and lessons to provide English instruction for nearly 60 local children between the ages of 5 and 19 years old. These children eagerly line up at the front gate in advance of their daily hour-long lesson. We are proud to see our own students enthusiastically serving the local community while showcasing their own radically improved English language skills.
Students finished up the term at the end of the month and will have their first set of final examinations the first week in September. Students and staff will enjoy a two-week break from September 7-23, however, some students and staff will stay behind to serve guests of the Maringi Sumba, as we are open for business and happily welcoming guests.

Homenade music by SHF students

Support the Sumba Hospitality Foundation by listening to our homemade MUSIC!

With the help of @rizalmusicofficial, SHF students were able to create their own authentic MUSIC ALBUM in just 2 days! Most of the songs were written by our own students on their free time. Listen and share to support this wonderful project and the island of Sumba




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