Grand Opening Maringi Spa

Grand Opening Maringi Spa

Sumba Hospitality Foundation celebrated the Grand Opening of our new Spa at Maringi, our eco-resort. We welcomed many local officials and representatives from JAMU in Bali to cut the ribbon and officially open this fine new addition to the Maringi Sumba. Sumba Hospitality Foundation has six female students in the Spa program who are receiving professional spa training through collaborative efforts with JAMU Spa School.

Speeches during the ceremony focused on educating the public on the wellness aspects and holistic benefits of Spa treatments and the need to eliminate negative stereotypes associated with Spa and massage.



What does Maringi Spa offer?

Our spa offers a wide range of massage treatments, including Balinese, Swedish, and aromatherapy massages, along with other treatments like facials, hair, and nail treatments. All our treatments use natural products that will pamper your body, soothe your spirit, and relax your mind. Our Spa is an integral part of Maringi Sumba and is served by our amazing students from the Sumba Hotel School.



Workshop with Jamu Spa School

We are fortunate partners of the well-known Herbal Spa School in Bali. Curriculum and on-site trainer, our Spa students are world-class education in various spa treatments. Most massage schools limit treatments for a few treatments and do not include teaching vital anatomy, hygiene, and product use and development, but here at our Maringi Spa, with our partnership with Jamu Spa School, our most comprehensive training students are available in Southeast Asia.



We offer excellent on-campus training, we bring herbal therapists from Bali to campus every month for additional training and practice and theory assessments. This month, the visiting Jamu trainer is teaching our students the art of hot stone massages, facials, and cream hair baths which will enhance our current offerings for our guests at the Maringi Eco Resort Spa.




Happy Indonesian Independence day

On August 17, Indonesia celebrated 73 years of independence and our students joined the community in commemorating this amazing event. The students prepared two songs to sing on stage at the community-wide celebration: CELEBRATE, by Kool and the Gang, and SUMBAKU, created by our previous own students at SHF. Students also participated in the parade and the carnival that were held three days prior to Independence Day events.




Games on campus

After the Independence Day performance, the students enjoyed a series of games and events on campus, including a slow bicycle race, tug-of-war contest, fashion show, and others. The students collaborated with each other and planned the event. It was an exciting and memorable day for the students and staff.




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