The governor of NTT guest at SHF

Cross trainning at Nihi Sumba Eco Resort

Our students continued to have cross-training at Nihi Sumba eco resort throughout March. Our Sixth Group included Maria (Spa), Tomi (Culinary), Okta (Front Office), Lius (R&B), Ari (R&B), and Marsel (Housekeeping) and began this vital training in the last week of February through the first week of March. This was followed by the Seventh Group: Alex (R&B), Fista (Spa), Hans (Culinary), Mada (Housekeeping), James (Culinary), and Helda (Front Office). And our Eighth Group followed the last week in March and included: Erlin (R&B), Angel (Front Office), Arsya (R&B), Udis (Housekeeping), and Nika (Culinary), who will return in early April. We are so proud of our students. They return from their Nihi cross-training experience more mature, directed, professional and poised. We are so pleased to have this collaboration with the world-class eco resort, Nihi Sumba.



The Governor of NTT invited at SHF

We often receive many special guests (in fact, all our guests are special!) but it was an honor to receive the Governor of the East Nusa Tenggara, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation. The students and staff were so pleased to host these honored guests. Not only are the Sumba Hospitality Foundation Hotel School and Maringi Sunba becoming popular all over the island of Sumba but also throughout the entire NTT Province. We could not be more pleased!


Recruiting time at SFH for Cohort 4

Sumba Hospitality Foundation’s recruitment of Cohort 4 commenced at the beginning of this year. This is an important and extensive process. Many information sessions were held throughout the four regions of Sumba in January and February. We received over 500+ applicants and these students were required to take a written test which included motivation essays and logic, math, and English questions. Over 290+ candidates were invited to campus for interviews which consistent of a 15-minute personal interview and a five-minute interview in English. The 60 candidates selected will proceed through the final two stages: medical clearance and home visit over the next few weeks. We are looking forward to finalizing this fourth Cohort and having an amazing group of 60 new students starting their Sumba Hospitality Foundation journey in June.


Increase of sustainability projects for tourism in Sumba hosted by SHF

Sumba Hospitality Foundation continues to collaborate with many local partners to ensure a sustainable approach to tourism in Sumba. Recently, Sumba Hospitality Foundation hosted the website launch event on campus. The website was designed by Drife and is sponsored by the William & Lily Foundation. The information on the website will grow over time and includes the ability to assist tourist in locating tour guides and other information in all 4 Regencies of Sumba. This event is part of our Sustainable Tourism Roadmap Initiative. Check it out!



Students encouraged to vote for Presidential Election

Also this month, we welcomed members from the General Election Commission of Southwest Sumba Regency to encourage our students to vote absentee in the upcoming 17 April 2019 Presidential Election. Commission members gave our students information on how to properly complete their absentee ballot and encouraged them to participate in this democratic process.


Traditional Pasola Festival

Staff and students recently had the opportunity to experience the traditional Pasola Festival which is most popular in Southwest and West Sumba Regencies. It was quite an unforgettable cultural experience. The Pasola Festival is held annually between the months of February and March and is held in several places in West and Southwest Sumba. The event is a competition of skill and strength between two teams of horseback riders (of course, riding bareback) wearing amazing traditional dress (as were their horses) and toting long spears (now with blunt ends, but in earlier days, the real thing). Despite the bluntness of the spears, blood was drawn. According to legend, Pasola originated when a beautiful woman in a village in Southern Sumba remarried her new lover from a village in Western Sumba because she believed that her husband had died in the ocean when he went fishing for an extended period. Eventually, her husband returned and a war between these two tribes could not be avoided. In an attempt to the end the conflict, the woman chose to sacrifice herself by jumping into the ocean. When she jumped into the ocean she transformed into “Nyale” (a sea worm) that often emerges in the soil today and determines the dates when Pasola will be held each year. For the Sumbanese people, Pasola is part of the local religious belief called Marapu. In this faith, Pasola is held to thank their ancestors for a successful harvest and ensuring future prosperous rice harvests. The human and horse shed blood during Pasola is believed to be a symbol of fertility and also commemorates the bond of brotherhood between tribes that formed as a result of the sacrifice. It was a wonderful cultural experience for our staff and students.


SHF represented at TEDx Hotelsschool

Watch our amazing founder inspire at TEDx Hotelschool The Hague! The team at SHF is so proud to have come so far through Inge’s vision and hope to be able to help the people of Sumba for many more years.




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