95 beautiful chicks

Yes, we had our hands full with 95 chicks, and much more. Let us update you on some every-day events that made our day.

We are feeling mixed emotions as we enter our last term at The Sumba Hospitality Foundation; we are so sad to see our first students leave, yet also so proud of what they have achieved during our first year as a school. There are only two months of classes left and the students will be taking their first steps into a career in hospitality.


Job Interview Training

Preparations for student internships are in full swing and our campus is buzzing with excitement. All of our students are going to be assigned to four and five-star hotels in both Sumba and Bali. They will complete a six-month work placement which offers a perfect way to hone the hospitality skills they have acquired from our school. Over the past few days, students have been writing their resumes and participating in mock interviews to ensure they feel prepared to enter the world of work.



95 beautiful chicks

We are the proud owner of 95 beautiful chicks. Eggs are a firm favorite amongst both staff and students here at the school; therefore we had to increase the number of chickens to meet the demand in our kitchen. For the moment our fluffy friends are in their first stages of development and are enjoying their new habitat, we are looking forward to watching them transform over the coming weeks into fully-grown laying hens.



20 kilogram, peanuts for our organic garden!

Peanuts are the newest addition to be harvested from our organic garden – our last harvest yielded 20 kilograms! The culinary team have been busy experimenting in the kitchen with our latest organic produce, boiling them to make delicious peanut butter, baking them into steaming hot muffins and smothering our vegetables with creamy peanut sauce for dinner. Not only do they make for mouth-watering treats but they also provide nitrogen to the soil, boosting fertility and stimulating neighboring plant growth. It’s safe to say we are going completely nuts for peanuts!



The new generation is on the way

During this last month, we opened up our campus to a group of 90 students from a local hospitality school. They arrived in their vibrantly colored uniforms and were welcomed with a cooling glass of lime water in our multi-function classroom. The students and their teachers were split up into groups and were toured around the campus by our own students. They had a look at all classrooms, working spaces, and guest pavilions as well as the organic farm and orchard. All visiting students seemed very keen on understanding the goings-on and how it is being an SHF student. Luckily the giant spider above our primary classroom was not spotted by any of them!


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