800 applicants on Campus!

April showered The Sumba Hospitality Foundation with precious gifts, 800 gifts to be precise! Earlier this month, our school came alive as 800 eager, Sumbanese students flooded our campus, all with the goal of confirming a place at our school for the next academic year, starting in July 2017.

It was a very busy week; all of the current staff alongside a selection of international friends collaborated to form 5 interview panels. The interviewees radiated enthusiasm and a strong desire to secure one of the 48 places available; it was both an exciting and unnerving time for everybody! We couldn’t have been prouder as we watched our current students acting as perfect ambassadors for the school, ensuring everybody felt comfortable and that the event ran smoothly without the slightest problem. It was a time for reflection; on one hand, the interviews highlighted how far our students had come in their year with us, whilst, at the same time, the event generated a whirlwind of excitement as we prepare for our second year at the school.


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