Congratulations to our first graduates!

Over the last four months, all of our students were presented with a fantastic opportunity, an opportunity that allowed them to take the skills that they had acquired at our school and put them into practice in a 5 star, luxury resort. Nihiwatu’s unique and wild location, situated in East Sumba, ensures it stands out from the crowd. The opportunity our students were given was unforgettable and every two weeks, five students would embark upon their training with a thirst to learn and return to our school with endless stories and new experiences.

This month we celebrated the success and completion of the cross-training program; all of our students were given a certificate of excellence and a motivational talk regarding their futures, from James McBride, the Co-owner of Nihi Sumba. On behalf of everybody at The Sumba Hospitality Foundation, we want to say thank you to Nihi and we look forward to working with you again next year, with our second cohort of students.




Congratulations to the first graduating class of SHF!


This weekend was a very special weekend for us at The Sumba Hospitality Foundation; we celebrated the end of a fantastic year with the graduation of our first class of students. It was a spectacular event and creativity flowed throughout the campus, from the beautiful decorations made by our students to the joyful dance and choir performances, not forgetting the heartfelt speeches. It was a highly emotional day for everybody as we watched the 39 young men and women receive their certificates and stand proudly in front of their friends and family. The celebration clearly showed the progress and confidence of our students, however, we know their journey isn’t over yet. They are about to take their first steps into the world of work as they embark on their 6-month internships. Good luck students!

Now is a time for reflecting, for reminiscing, and for celebrating what a wonderful year it has been. So much has happened; from the campus transforming from a dry, barren piece of land into a luscious, thriving oasis; from the students who came here, nervous and unaware of their potential, who are now leaving full of confidence, surpassing any expectations we ever had of them. We are prouder than words can express; these 39 students have become part of one big family, where we have shared innumerable memories and supported one another during times of difficulty. We have all grown together, our success mirroring that of the nature surrounding us, our gardens, the orchard, the students, and staff, we have all grown stronger and stronger, therefore producing something truly inspiring. It has been a unique journey, our first year, and one that everybody involved will never forget.


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