Celebrating our First Anniversary

Celebrating our First Anniversary

This month, we celebrated our first-year anniversary at The Sumba Hospitality Foundation! We are now one month into our second year and our educational program is in full swing. At the beginning of the month, the students were given a schedule jam-packed with activities. They have been learning English, whilst also receiving an intensive hospitality module; on top of this, they have started their life skills classes and learned to sing in the school choir. It’s truly amazing to see how far they have come already, and it’s only the beginning! We can’t wait to see their bright futures unfold as they continue on their Sumba Hospitality Foundation journey.

Whilst the new students have been settling in, we have been tracking the progress of our first-year students, who are currently carrying out their internships at Nihiwatu and numerous 5-star properties across Bali. To imagine that this time last year they were only just beginning their education with us is amazing! All 39 of them are now utilizing the skills that they acquired at the Sumba Hospitality Foundation in order to propel themselves into the world of hospitality. Our founder, Inge, went to visit them to wish them well and to catch up on their professional achievements so far.


Cohort 2 begins its specialized training

At the end of this month, the introduction modules came to an end; therefore, some very important decisions were made at The Sumba HospitalityFoundation. Our students were assigned to one of four hospitality departments we offer at the school- Front Office, Culinary, Housekeeping and Restaurant and Bar. Before they made their decisions, they got the chance to experience each of the departments during our taster day. Our teachers prepared workshops that enabled our students to understand what each of the specialties would entail, therefore assisting them in choosing their preference. It is now official; all of our students have been assigned to their department, thus taking their first steps into their chosen field of hospitality. It’s overwhelming to think of how much progress our students made last year, so we can’t wait to see what this year will bring.




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