Responsible Tourism in action

Our projects are living proof that we teach what we preach. They all contribute to the 4 C’s of responsible tourism: Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce.

Our Projects


Today we are proud to successfully run two independent educational projects on Sumba: a hotel school and a training restaurant.


At the farm, we teach students new organic farming methods with long-term sustainability in mind.


As a real-life study environment for our 60 Hotel School students, we opened a small resort with a big heart: Maringi Sumba.

Makan Dulu

Training restaurant Makan Dulu is a magical real-life study environment where dreams come true for our 20 students.


We aim to raise environmental awareness with students, tourists, and local communities.


Everything we do on Sumba is for and with the local community. We love the people of Sumba and we care for their needs.

“There is so much to conserve here on Sumba: from unspoiled nature, over wildlife to the scarce water supplies. Everything we do is for and together with the local community. This way they directly benefit. In the long term, we empower them through education and awareness. We respect the ancestral culture deeply, promote local crafts in our eco-resort, and serve local dishes in our restaurant. These social projects are investments in Sumba and its youth, contributing to sustainable long-term tourism.”