Stenden University hosts Charity Event for Sumba Hospitality Foundation

On Friday, Stenden University Bali hosted a charity event at Harris Hotel in Bali to benefit the Sumba Hospitality Foundation. The gala, featuring a belly dancer, a magician, a student band, and other entertainment, was great fun! It was touching and heartwarming to see young people take interest in our organization.

Stenden University of Applied Sciences has its main campus in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Stenden hosts the largest hotel management & tourism management studies university in Europe. We appreciate everything that their Bali campus is doing for us; program coordinator Rodney Westerlaken has put together a team of students who are responsible for this event as well as others to come. It is truly inspiring to see the students make such an amazing effort to benefit underprivileged young people and the economic development of Sumba.

Thank you Stenden University, Stenden University Bali, and Rodney Westerlaken, and his exceptional team.

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