Teaching English 3 ways

english in sumba

Community English off-Campus

Sumba Hospitality Foundation is taking English to the people! Additionally, we are now bringing English classes to them. Wonderful volunteers in the community have opened up their homes and over one hundred (100) students are enjoying FREE lessons in their neighborhood three days per week!



Community English on-campus

After receiving teacher training from the Sumba Hospitality Foundation English teacher, 30 empowered Sumba Hospitality Foundation students commenced planning the curriculum and lessons to provide English instruction for nearly 60 local children between the ages of 5 years and 19 years old. These children eagerly line up at the front gate in advance of their daily hour-long lesson. We are proud to see our own students enthusiastically serving the local community while showcasing their own radically improved language skills.




Friday Night Conversation Club

We always try to find new ways to engage our students while improving their spoken English. Since October, we started our Friday Night Conversation Club! Just like “speed dating” (but without the “dating”) our students engage in short conversations with the staff members or willing guests from Maringi Sumba.


english in sumba


The club has had tremendous success so students ask for Club meetings every day. Responding to their request, the founder of the Club and the Teacher, Judy Edwards, applied a Lunch Chat where she involved students in group conversations, one lunch table at one time; encourage students to speak not only with staff and guests but also with each other. . . in English. They become amazing speakers!


english in sumba




We support the creation of the album “Sumba Ku”

This month, we would like to showcase a documentary trailer for the creation of the album “Sumba Ku”. The producer, Rizal, has a sincere heart in the making of this socially conscious album and at Sumba Hospitality Foundation are supporting him fully!


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