Will Goldfarb, Room for Dessert

The students from Sumba Hospitality Foundation are very well prepared to enter the world of fine dining. They are ambitious, hard-working, and eager to learn. Their knowledge and interest in local produce give them an advantage compared to other Hospitality education. We work already 2 consecutive years together for internships and I have currently 6 View Full →

Frederik Wittesaele, Owner Suarga Padang Padang 

I am very happy to work with the students of Sumba Hospitality Foundation. We are taking students for internships for the third year now and currently employed full time 7 graduates from the school. They have the right attitude, environmentally conscious, and very guest-oriented. They have the potential to grow in supervisory roles in a View Full →

James Mcbride, Managing Partner Nihi Sumba

The students from Sumba Hospitality Foundation are a great asset to our resort. They excel in practical and hospitality skills and are very motivated. We will continue to support the school as it is crucial for the development of Sumba tourism to have highly skilled local staff

Testimonial 2

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Testimonial 1

Amazing delicious brilliant traditional food. Perhaps the best I’ve had. Staff are warm and polite, atmosphere is funky. We’re staying in Sumba for 12 days and we’ve eaten there 6 times. I couldn’t recommend this place enough. If you love curry then you HAVE to go here, so fresh and tasty, if we come back View Full →



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