School Visits and Radio Interviews create awareness

Inge De Lathauwer, Lauren Bruggemans and Dempta Bato visited high schools in 4 regions of Sumba – Sumba Timur, Sumba Tengah, Sumba Barat and Sumba Barat Daya. We will select 10 students from each region so that our school fully represents the island of Sumba. Our goal is for our students to learn from each other’s cultures and traditions to promote understanding and tolerance within their communities. The school also aims to promote an equal balance in its candidates with regard to religion as well. The response from the students was enthusiastic and positive – we answered many insightful and interesting questions from them. We have made partnerships with foundations in each region and they will assist us by distributing the applications and setting up placement test locations.



Radio Interview with MAX FM Waingapu

We participated in an interactive radio interview with the MAX FM Radio in Waingapu, Sumba Timur to promote awareness of the project. Our interview provoked a massive response from the community, with listeners calling in, texting and following on Facebook. This radio station has an audience within a 60 km range, where most reside in remote areas, which generally have difficulty accessing news. We are pleased that we were able to reach a large audience and are grateful for the support of the radio station.

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