Wai Humba Festival

Wai Humba Festival

The Wai Humba Festival is an annual, traditional festival of Sumba that aims to protect the environment, especially the water sources of the island. The main basis of the Wai Hulba Festival is a reflection of Hinduism. This festival is not a tourist festival but a space for the consolidation of the culture of the people of Sumba Island. Due to the current flow of modern development, it has become a challenge to maintain a culture that is humanistic, environmentally friendly, and godly. Often, culture is only seen as a tourism asset, on Sumba culture is just… Sumbanese culture. The real thing. 



This year the festivities were held in Tabera Village, West Sumba. Our students were given the chance to take part in the event; they wrote and prepared a song and a selection of poetry especially dedicated to the themes of the festival. It was a wonderful event to be a part of and it was so encouraging to see people gather together, united through the purpose of protecting their island.





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