What is Chef Alex doing at “The coalition of Indonesian Women”?

chef alex

This month, our Chef Alex was invited to attend The ‘Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia’ (The Coalition of Indonesian Women) to deliver a workshop on Sustainable Agriculture, particularly focusing on food and nutrition.

This event was part of Rural Woman’s Week, therefore targeting and educating women in our local region. Alex attended the workshop with four of our current students; they presented a number of recipes to the crowds of women eager to learn new ways to utilize the local ingredients that are easily accessible to them.


Alex chose to focus on exploring the usages of soybeans, which are an easily obtained and cheap source of protein. In order to shake things up a little, he introduced and provided the women with foreign recipes, yet he replaced the ingredients with local flavors, according to the taste of the Sumbanese people. The women enjoyed getting stuck into the practical element of the workshop, where they got to roll delicious and flavourful bite-sized delights, similar to that of the famous falafel. The event was a complete success and a wonderful way to connect with our local community!


Permacultures classes pay off for our students

October has been a plentiful month regarding the amount of fresh, organic produce being harvested from our farm. Our students have been learning how to weave beautiful, bamboo baskets during their Permaculture classes, in order to deliver the ingredients to our kitchen. It’s so motivating to see the quality of food being served in our restaurant and to know that most of the ingredients come straight from our farm is truly remarkable.

The progress at the school is ongoing in all departments, from our students’ quickening understanding, their ability to use initiative and practically apply their knowledge, our local and international staff’s motivation to our ever-flourishing farm and gardens; these are exciting times…come and check it out for yourself!



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